Majestic Music Productions owner / engineer / producer Kris Thomas.

Kris Thomas has been fascinated with recording from an early age, experimenting with an Allied reel to reel tape deck that had 3 speeds, seperate record and playback heads that created an echo, and an amazing knob on top called "S.O.S". It allowed for sound on sound overdubing, that was when he got hooked. Also being raised in the same town that the famous guitarist Les Paul hailed from, who actually invented multi track recording, had a big influence as well.

In college, Kris studied electronic music composition, video production / editing and percussion including Master classes with Danny Gottlieb of the Pat Metheny Group. Involvement with theatrical productions, performing for schools, and teaching private lessons have been rewarding experiences. He also composes intriguing musical soundscapes utilizing keyboard, flute, voice, effects, as well as acoustic, electronic, and world percussion. His pieces have been in video soundtracks and played on radio stations throughout the Pacific Northwest. He also performed with The Haines/Kanter Project, Soringhart, Rob Tobias, The Shelley James Band, Flying colours, and in jam sessions with latin percussionist, Mingo Lewis.

In 1997, Kris relocated to Maui, Hawaii where he has had the fortune to play with many talented musicians such as: Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers, Steven Stills, Randy Travis, Prince, Francine Reed
, Kris Kristofferson and performed many shows with Willie Nelson with The Planetary Bandits.  Kris was drummer and engineer on the Willie Nelson Live at Charley's, Maui CD, a benefit for a local Montessori School. Over the past 14 years, he has been performing and recording with the incredible Hawaiian artist Uncle Willie K.

Kris records and performs on four different drum sets: A Yamaha maple custom vintage finish kit with Zildjian cymbals, DW double bass pedal LP Timbales and cowbells; A Roland V-Drum electronic kit consisting of 24 pads. A set of Roland SPD-S sampler pads and a Roland Handsonic for playing sampled percussion. Kris also compiled what he calls "The world kit", which is a life long collection of over 60 percussion instruments from around the globe mounted on a custom designed stand.

He has also created custom percussion samples for clients including legendary drummer, Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. Drum teching and ocassionally performing live with him as well. January 2013 saw Kris performing with Steven Tyler and Elvin Bishop, and in January 2014 Kris performed live with Mick Fleetwood, and ZZ top guitarist Billy Gibbons, along with Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers. All of that at Willie K's Blues fest....! Stay tuned for details of next years show date...


"I want to thank Uncle Willie K for opening doors to so many amazing musical experiences! And many thanks to my family and close friends whom have been so supportive and encouraging to me....! "

Much Aloha,

Kris Thomas



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